Winning Mind LLC is a Management Consultancy focused on Organizational Development and Performance Coaching. We help individuals and teams be at their best when it matters most.

  • Team Effectiveness
  • Performance Coaching / Talent Development (Executive, Sport and Military)
  • Organizational Alignment and Culture Development
  • Profiling, Selection and Screening

We focus on the mental side of performance. Success is built upon concentration, confidence and composure.

We employ the world’s most advanced assessment approach. We can tell you what makes people succeed or fail in a surprisingly short period of time.

We work with winners in sport, business and the military. Our system has evolved through extensive experience working with professional and Olympic athletes, elite military units, Fortune 500 companies and high-powered startups.

We are committed to results over the long term and believe in investment. Quick fixes are sometimes the best course of action, but meaningful change often requires a more integrated and personalized approach.

We stand by our work and value open, direct communication. If you ever feel that we haven’t delivered on our commitments simply tell us. We’ll fix the problem or return your money.


Winning Mind uses The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory- the world's best assessment methodology to help individuals understand the conditions that undermine performance and help them operate more successfully under stressful conditions.