There are several different ways that an individual can become Trained or Certified in TAIS. Winning Mind offers 'bespoke' training(s) - usually for small groups from within a single organization. On occasion, customized individual trainings can be designed and delivered. We do typically allow for immediate use and purchase of TAIS to anyone holding a Master’s or PhD in Psychology (or closely related field). Exceptions for those with significant HR / Leader Development experience (especially if there is exposure to other assessments) can sometimes be made.
Please list your name or the name of the individual(s) / Organization interested in TAIS Training / Certification.
Please let us know if you are primarily interested in Corporate / Business Training, Sport, Military or Other.
Please let us know whether you already have a TAIS User Account or if you have used TAIS under someone else's Account.
Please let us know if you have an MA or PhD in a Psychology or related field, or have worked extensively in a capacity where you have utilized or been trained in Psychological Assessment.
Please provide us with your physical address
Please include a valid email for correspondence.
Please provide us with the best number to reach you on.
Please let us know how quickly you require training / training completion.
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